Mutton Snapper | Lucky Fishing Charters | Miami, FL

Hey Gil,

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a blast I had fishing for tarpon on the 5th of June. Hooking and fighting that tarpon was more fun that I have experienced in years! It was truly exhilarating! You were an excellent guide and you made the experience very enjoyable. I look forward to fishing with you again. Hopefully I will make several trips starting this winter. I am definitely hooked! Thanks again!

Doug Wright, CPA

Sailfish | Lucky Fishing Charters | Miami, FL

Hi Gil,

I was talking to my son Paul after the trip and asked him, “did you think we were going to have any luck?” He said no. We heard the chatter on the on radio and the news was bad all over NO FISH. We both thought we were just going to have just another boat ride. My hope was to get a sail fish, but it did not look good. Nobody was catching anything. About 45 into the minutes everything changed. The rod took a nose dive my son Paul took the rod and a sail fish jumped along the side boat. Right away my son handed me the rod and said “This fish is you have been waiting 44 years for”. It still did not hit me until the fish another jump and I was holding the rod. 3 times we got the the fish close to boat and over a hour later the sail fish got in the boat for a quick picture and a gentle release.

I could of went home right then and been satisfied but there was plenty of fishing yet. It was fun being the boat that catching all the fish while the other was just catching sun. Every time a bad fishing report came over the radio our smiles would just grow larger. Paul and I have had the pleasure of fishing many different places and it seems that a black cloud has been following us when it came to bill fish. The cloud is gone.

Gil, I have been fishing almost 40 years and our trip was the best trip I ever had. I will never forget the smile on my son’s face as he handed me the rod and said this fish is yours dad. The hour + the fish allowed me to fight him. The kindness you shown me as i was fighting the fish wiping the sweat from eyes and making sure i had plenty water.ight tackle is the way to go. I would of never thought after waiting 44 years to catch a sail fish that catching the fish was the least important part of trip. It was my son’s smile and him handing me the rod and us making a new friend. Thanks for the memories.

If anyone who is inquiring your charter service would like to a past client please feel free to give my phone # 1-440-341-6700. I will be sending you pictures later today.

God Bless,
Ben Zagorski