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light tackle charter fishing in miami, miami beach and ft lauderdale for sailfish, tarpon, kingfish, dolphin and swordfish.  Miami fishing charters/fishing charters in miami

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How to catch tarpon in Miami, Miami Beach and Ft Lauderdale
Tarpon Fishing - Also known as the "Silver King", Tarpon fishing in Miami is one of the most exciting types of fisheries that you can experience. Drifting the beachs, inlets and some of the bridges with crabs and shrimp will usually lead to a hookup. I do recommend using circle hooks. You just hook your shrimp in the horns and free line it back. Once hooked the fish ranging anywhere from 50-200 pounds will take to the air in an aerial display you will never forget. Make sure you keep pressure on the fish, cause tarpon are known for spitting the hook. Our tarpon season runs from mid December to about mid June. These fish are my specialty so give me a call and lets share the experience of a lifetime.
How to catch sailfish in Miami, Miami Beach and Ft Lauderdale
Kite Fishing - This is one of my favorite types of fishing. It's almost a sure way of catching sailfish and kingfish. Many people have never experienced this type of fishing technique. Using a kite reel, line, and kite we suspend 2-3 baits on surface of the water. The kite line has 2-3 release clips from which we suspend the fishing lines. As we let out the kite taking the baits out away from the boat, and swimming at the surface. The bait fish in turn start to panic and put out a vibration in the water alerting all the immediate fish in the area. Kite fishing leads to some of the most devastating strikes that you will ever see. We have caught cobia, kingfish, sharks, mahi-mahi, and sailfish.Sailfish love these suspended baits. We practice this type of fishing year round as long as we have enough wind to get the kite up in the air.
Bottom fishing in Miami, Miami Beach and Ft lauderdale
Bottom Fishing - Whether you are looking to catch some of the best eating fish the ocean has to offer in snapper and grouper, or are looking for a tussle with a 50 - 100 pound amberjack, than bottom fishing is for you. Depending on the wind, sea and current conditions, we will either anchor up or drift over one or more of the numorous natural or artifical reefs. Using heavier tackle then we use either tarpon fishing or sailfish fishing, dropping live baits to the wrecks or reefs anywhere from 25-30 feet to a 100 or more. We may even keep a top bait or semi-deep bait out just in case something else is hungry and lurking around.
How to catch dolphin in Miami, Miami Beach and Ft Lauderdale
Dolphin Fishing - Dolphin or Mahi Mahi may be the finest table fare south Florida has to offer. Ranging in size from a pound or 2 to over 50 lbs., dolphin can be found year round with the best fishing in the late spring and early summer and in the fall during the migration. Trolling artifical lures is one popular way of finding dolphin. Live baiting along weed lines and floating debris is another, and looking for low flying and circling frigates make up the variety of methods used to catch dolphin. Wahoo, tripletail and on the rare occasion maybe even a marlin can be caught.
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LUCKY FISHING CHARTERS offers a wide variety of charters. We can customize your trip depending on your needs, seasonal fishing and even the moons and tides. Check our normal charter times below and give us a call to book your next charter fishing trip in Miami

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December to June is the height of the Miami Tarpon Season. We offer both 4 hour
and 6 hour evening Tarpon trips.
December to June is also the height of both the Sailfish and Kingfish Seasons. Lucky Fishing Charters can customize your trip with a half day of Sailfish and Kingfish topped off with a 4 hour evening of Tarpon fishing. The Price is $850.00
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All rates are C.O.D. upon return to the dock. We require a $100 deposit when you book your trip. Looking for a corporate event, or a large group get-together, we can also put together multiple boats for day trips. Call for reservations and rates.

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