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Miami Fishing Charter Report

Date: 2017-09-26

As many of you know it's been a crazy couple of weeks in Florida. Thankfully, much of Miami was spared by hurricane Irma. Other than some downed tree limbs we were pretty much none the worse for wear. Luckily, my boat was put inside the barn at my marina and much of the marina suffered little or no damage. Miami for all intents and purpose is up and running as it always has. I have done a couple trips since the hurricane and the results were pretty good. There has been a ton of debris all over the ocean and the Mahi have taken full advantage of it. The only problem is that not all of the debris you see will hold fish. We did manage to catch 25 Mahi-Mahi on my very last trip. There were so many fish around my boat we called in another captain who also limited out. The reef has also been good. On my trip before the Mahi trip we did a reef trip where we got 10 kings, 2 muttons, amberjack, and an 11 # Margate. So you see, there are fish around all you have to do is go out and get'um! So give me a shout if you want to get out there and do some fishing and get away from all the craziness. I always end my reports asking God to protect and bless our first responders and the men and women of the armed services; I also want to thank them for their service to our nation and to our community. Until next time, Best of Luck... Capt. Gil Gutierrez



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December to June is also the height of both the Sailfish and Kingfish Seasons. Lucky Fishing Charters can customize your trip with a half day of Sailfish and Kingfish topped off with a 4 hour evening of Tarpon fishing. The Price is $850.00
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