End of Year Miami Fishing Report

Mahi Mahi | Lucky Fishing Charters | Miami, FL

This will be my last report for 2015 and what a year it has been. I’ve made new friends, lost some great friends and got to spend time with some of my repeat customers that have become like family. I thank each and every one of you for your friendship and continued patronage and look … Read more

Miami Beach Fishing Charter Report

First I would like to start off by wishing everyone a happy and blessed Thanksgiving holiday. I would also like to take a second and thank all of my customers who have become like family over the past 10 years. Thanks for spending your precious time with me. Now let’s get to the action! November … Read more

Miami Fall Fishing Report

As the title says fall is in full swing in Miami. That means palm fronds are changing color and falling on beautiful clean beaches lined by the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic. As much of the country is already getting hit by snow, the air and water temperature, in Miami, is hoovering in that … Read more

End of Summer Bite

Yellowtail | Lucky Fishing Charters | Miami, FL

Well its official, summer is over and the fall fishing season is upon us. With that said let’s take a look back at some of my past trips since my last report. The mahi-mahi were on fire the past couple of weeks and we got in on our share of the action. There were days … Read more

Vacationing and Fishing

Mahi Mahi | Lucky Fishing Charters | Miami, FL

My apologies for the delay between reports but this is the time of year where I take a little break and go on vacation with the family and recharge the batteries. I did several trips before I left and after I got back from vacation. Right now we are in a typical summertime pattern. What … Read more

Summertime Is Upon Us!

Mutton Snapper | Lucky Fishing Charters | Miami, FL

And that can only mean one thing! Hot weather, lots of bonito, and offshore runs looking for mahi-mahi. The summertime fishing pattern is definitely taking shape. And with a change in weather comes a change in fishing style. We now start trolling a little more than usual and we also start fishing deeper than usual. … Read more

May Fishing Doesn’t Disappoint!

As the title states the fishing in May have been about as good as you can expect. A multitude of species continue to keep rods bent and people smiling. Let get right to the action. Our most memorable catch from the past couple of weeks was a beautiful Blue Marlin. I think I was more … Read more

Miami Fishing Report for April

Mutton Snapper | Lucky Fishing Charters | Miami, FL

The month of April seems like a blur to me. I have been non-stop for the past several weeks. Now that I have a couple of days off before starting up again on Thursday its time to get caught up on some of the action we have been experiencing the past couple of weeks. The … Read more

Miami Fishing Report

With the first day of spring changes are already happening out on the water. Spring fishing is some of the best fishing you can experience in the state of Florida. Let’s get to some of the action that we have already experienced in the past couple of weeks. Kings, kings, kings. The kingfish bite has … Read more

Miami Fishing Report

Gag Grouper | Lucky Fishing Charters | Miami, FL

The cold weather pounding the northern latitudes have only improved our fishing here in the southern latitudes. The fish like many of my northern customers have run south to escape cold weather and even colder water temperatures. The fishing has definitely shown an improvement because of this. I had one day in between fronts that … Read more