Miami Spring Fishing Charter Report

The spring fishing is very good right now. My favorite time of the year to fish has not let me down. The bottom bite continues to be very good and one of the most consistent bites we have. The mutton snappers bit very well since my last report. Many of my anglers have been taking home a couple bags of these great eating fish. The groupers, although not currently open for harvesting, are also bending the rods for us.

I am already booked for May 1 but I do have several days open in May if you want to try caching some of these groupers and mutton snapper. In between the grouper and snapper bites the amberjack have been very actively feeding on almost anything we want to put down. These fish range from 20-50#’s. The mahi-mahi are filtering in as we speak. Strong east winds continue to spark up the dolphin fishing. This should only get better as we get deeper into summer. The only difference being is that right now you may only get a handful but they will be larger in size. In the summer we catch smaller dolphin but in greater numbers. As always I love to send my customers home with bags of fish it seems to help them remember your name.

Sail fishing is steady but not great. We may get a day here and there where we get perfect conditions and the bite sparks up but right now we are averaging 1-2 shots per trip at sailfish given good conditions. Kingfish are also showing up although we haven’t caught any of 40 or 50 pounders yet I have seen them so it’s just a matter of time before we get out chance. Once you add in the fact that the blackfins are starting to show up it can only get better from here.

Please enjoy these pictures from our past trips and if you would like to join us give us a call and let’s go catch some fish. I’m pretty sure you’re going to go home with a bag or two of something for dinner! As always please keep our first responders and the men and women of our military in your prayers. Till next time Best of Luck…

Capt. Gil Gutierrez, Lucky Fishing Charters